Dino Ass Kickers


• Stop Motion Web Series
• 5-minute episodes
• 10 per season
• Action/Comedy for adults

Dino Ass Kickers is an action series about big muscular dudes killing dinosaurs violently in a post apocalyptic world taken over by a new jurassic era.

It’s full of satirical violence, politically incorrect situations, dark humour, toxic hipermasculinity, buckets of blood and massive explosions with a heavy contrast with our current world and sensibilities.


In a distant future, the Viper Corporation has cloned prehistoric beasts in a mad experiment, creating chaos and destruction in the big cities to take over them; that went bad really fast, the dinosaurs obviously took control.

A group of augmented soldiers from the 80’s are de-cryogenized to exterminate the wild beasts; The Corporation also lost control over them… well shit. Now this pumped up soldiers, full of childhood trauma, steroid and adrenaline, codenamed Dino Ass Kickers (DAK), respond to no one and run wild and free in the jungle as the new kings of the food chain.

The dramatic structure of DAK is episodic but flexible, because while the history has a line but is not forced to move forward in every episode, it’s more focused in finding ironic situations and comedy that complete the narrative atmosphere and make every episode as much fun and violent as possible.


In 2016 small tests were created and distributed through youtube, in which dinosaurs fighting each other received an astounding response of 17.5 million views total, with a very basic production and no main story.

That’s when the audience for this this type of content was found, a new concept was developed using this as a starting point with a more complex narrative in mind, with new human characters and a darker approach. Funding for the proof of concept was achieved thanks to COECYTJAL in 2018-2019.

This funding made possible a one-minute proof of concept teaser to reafirm the possibility of producing DAK in Mexico with our team of artist and our set of technological skills (3d printing).

This year the proof of concept has been developed as it would look like in the final product; through 3d printing, better materials, a great skilled team and advice from experts from the industry. This teaser trailer worked as a test to find the cost-effective balance to produce in-house in all the departments and as a start point to look for funding for the pilot or the whole season.